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    It is both your Right and Obligation to vote as a Canadian.  You can change Canada into the way you like by voting the candidates you like.  There are four main political parties in Canada - Bloc Québécois, Conservative Party, Liberal Party and New Democratic Party.


    When you contact us for assistance, you contact information will be added to our database automatically and we will send you non-partisan information on all municipal, provincial and federal elections in Canada.  For the basic information, please visit Elections Canada site.


    Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms describes the basic principles and values by which Canadians live. The Charter is part of Canada's Constitution. The Charter protects you from the moment you arrive on Canadian soil. It gives everyone in Canada the following fundamental rights and freedoms:

    • the right to life, liberty and personal security;

    • freedom of conscience and religion;

    • freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;

    • freedom to hold peaceful meetings; freedom to join groups;

    • the right to live and work anywhere in Canada;

    • protection from unreasonable search or seizure and arbitrary detainment and imprisonment;

    • the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty;

    • the right to have a lawyer;

    • the right to a fair trial, through due process of law; and

    • the right to equal protection and benefit under the law, without discrimination.

    Children's Rights

    In Canada, you are required by law to properly care for your children. Police, doctors, teachers and children's aid officials will act when children are being abused. This includes any form of harm and abuse -- physical, psychological or sexual. All forms of child abuse are serious crimes. In serious cases of abuse, children can be taken away from their parents.

    By law, children under 12 cannot be left alone to look after themselves or younger siblings.


    Women's Rights

    In Canada, women have the same legal status, rights and opportunities as men. Most Canadian men respect women as equals -- socially, in the workplace and in the home. Violence against women is against the law. Women who are abused can seek help for themselves and their children in local shelters. They are also entitled to legal protection to keep them safe.


    Senior Citizens' Rights

    A senior citizen is someone 65 years of age or older. It is common in Canadian society for healthy senior citizens to live on their own, instead of living with their children. Older people who need special care often move to a retirement or nursing home that provides trained staff and health-care workers. However, many Canadians still care for older family members in their own home.


    Old Age Security: The Old Age Security (OAS) program ensures a basic income to all people in Canada 65 years of age or over who meet the residence requirements. Usually, OAS is paid after a person has lived in Canada at least 10 years, although people who have lived or worked in countries with which Canada has an agreement may qualify after as little as one year. Low-income people who get OAS may also qualify for the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) and their spouses (or widows) may also qualify for the Spouse's Allowance if they are between 60 and 64 years of age.


    The Canada Pension Plan pays benefits to contributors in the event of retirement or disability, as well as benefits to surviving spouses and orphans in the event of death of a contributor. All workers in Canada contribute to the plan.

    You may also be eligible for old age security benefits from your former country.

For more general information, please browse the Citizenship and Immigration Canada site.

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