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Immigration to the United Kingdom


To immigrate to the UK and become a UK Permanent Resident, you will need to apply for and be issued a biometric residence permit (contains  your fingerprints and facial image) that gives you the 'indefinite leave to remain' status. 


First of all, you have to enter the UK legally.  For types of visas entering the UK, please press here.  After you have lived legally in the UK for a certain length of time, you may be able to apply for permission to settle there. This is known as 'indefinite leave to remain'.  If you are already in the UK but you have not been there long enough to apply for settlement, you can apply to extend your temporary permission to stay.


There are a few types of visas to get into the UK:


Skilled Worker Visa

Health and Care Worker Visa

Intra-company Visas

Minister of Religion Visa

Sportsperson Visa

Start-up visa


Since the UK has ceased to be a member of EU, the special treatment for nationals of a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland has been ended.



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